Welcome to arbela.

Arbela is a Rich, Extensible, Customizable, and Configurable IoT-ready Dashboard built using Sencha Ext JS. You may use it to build a general purpose IoT or non-IoT dashboard. Currently, you can connect and monitor to any device that speaks following protocols:

Some Shots!

Here are some of the dashboards that are produced using Arblea without writing a single line of code - just by configuration!

IoT Dashboards

Whether its a smart bulb or a temperature sensor or a humidity sensor, you can hook your IoT device, directly to Arbela, and start monitoring their state!


Even if you are creating a non-IoT dashboard, Arbela can help you there as well, without compromising with the overall efficiency.


By default, Arbela comes along with few pre-defined widgets that you can get started with it quickly!

What's Next?